About Us

Igor ShulezhkoAndrii Solntsev
Hello there, I’m Igor! I’m a huge fan of Nike sneakers, business owner and SEO blogger.
I love sneakers, I always monitor the most interesting models and try to buy them for my collection. I am a big fan of AF1.
I love travelling with my family. Аnd sharing my favourite spots to visit all arounf the world. I’m also all about sharing my favourite lifestyle, fashion finds.
I will be glad if you subscribe to my Instagram and Facebook.
Hey, I’m Andrii (but I like to be ‘Andrew’)! I’m a Ukranian guy, SEO specialist and West Ham United fan.
Unlike Igor, I’m not a fan of sneakers or sportswear. But I`m good at Internet marketing, and that is my value to the project.
I’m a big believer in positive mindset, self improvement and humanity. But also I`m a yuppie who believes in capitalism and 40+ hours working week.

What we are going to do